The Leap of Faith that Led to Maine

“Aloha. This is the final boarding call for Flight 51 with non-stop service from JFK to Honolulu.” I stopped walking towards the terminal. My pulse quickened. There was a tug at my heart to return to the familiar. This is it Magaly. You sure you don’t want to go back to Hawaii, find a teaching job, get that good health insurance, and make your dreams of starting a family a reality? I thought for a moment. No. Even though returning to Hawaii felt safe, I had made the decision to trust my intuition and follow through on going to Maine. I also reminded myself that I will only be in Maine for a few months and that these feelings of apprehension are absolutely normal and that I have chosen to trust and be open to Spirit’s guidance.

Hawaii to Maine? How did I get here? In my last blog entry, I was in El Salvador working on a special project that involved my grandparents (I’m still working on it by the way). I left El Salvador in November to visit family in Orlando for a month, and then in December, flew back home to Oahu. I smiled as the airplane descended, recognizing the familiar sights of the Waianae mountain range, the turquoise waters of Hickam Beach, and Diamond Head off in the distance. I had returned home and yet the lease I signed for my new place was only for six months. I had a feeling that by June, I would be leaving the island again. I thought I would be leaving to teach abroad in Abu Dhabi, but the Universe was guiding me in another direction.

I will admit that I was disappointed and my ego bruised when I was not offered the science teacher position in the United Arab Emirates, but it’s just as well I did not get it. I had to psyche myself up for the interview and I felt uninspired and unenthusiastic at the thought of returning to a traditional, indoor classroom setting. Once again, I started to reflect on what meaningful, vision-inspired work looks like to me. By this point, I had been working as an education programs guide at a private nature reserve on the windward side of Oahu. While every job has its ups and downs, I loved the natural beauty of my work environment and helping students and people from all over the world make meaningful connections. I came home one day after work and decided that for the next five years, I would pursue opportunities in outdoor education.

I researched outdoor ed summer jobs in New York and while doing this, found the job opportunity in Maine. I applied only for the summer as I’m just not accustomed to Northeast winters anymore, but decided if offered the job, I would stay through the fall season. I had the Skype interview with the program director and soon after was offered the job. I did not have to feign enthusiasm when I accepted the job because I am truly excited for the opportunity to teach in an outdoor setting in Maine.

There is always a sadness when we leave our loved ones and the place we call home but I also know that moving to Maine was a soul-inspired decision that I have a feeling, will be full of synchronicities. I am also reassured by the knowledge that if ever I long for the connection of family and friends, I will only be a short plane ride away from my family and friends in New York, and a short car ride away from my friend’s welcoming, fun-loving family-whom I met at his wedding this spring in Hawaii-that happen to spend their summers in Maine.




About Magaly L.

Five Facts About Me: 1. I was born in El Salvador, grew up in NY, and after being in the United States for almost 33 years, I finally became a citizen in 2013. I was super excited when I voted for the first time! 2. My personal favorites: chocolate, desserts, dancing, the beach, leisure travel, reading, juicing, gardening, cooking, spending time with family, and writing. I really do love chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate, but any chocolate is better than none. I also love red velvet cupcakes from my favorite bakery in NYC, Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side. And I love spending time in nature. There's something so peaceful about listening to the birds or listening to the waves break, that centers me in the present moment and reminds me that Divine order is at work in my life. 3. I come from a large family and I love it! My parents, two brothers, one sister, LOTS of cousins, aunts, uncles, abuelos, and my "gotitas de amor"-my nieces and nephews. 4. I am an educator both by training and at heart. 5. I have been living with PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) since 2007. Though this condition has been life-altering and challenging to live with at times, it has also led me to a more fulfilling life, strengthening my faith and helping me have the courage to pursue my passions and chase a couple of dreams.
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