Pain and adaptability

The pain in my neck has intensified. To make matters worse, my left foot now hurts, especially in the arch, and the pain extends to my big toe. So I am moving around with a limp and a stiff neck. I had plans of going to Bikram yoga today. In fact, I’ve had plans of going back since last Wednesday, but that’s when the neck issue started so I’ve had to postpone my yoga practice.

This is what balance is about I suppose-adapting to what is. Despite the pain, I did my best to feel productive. I watered the plants and pruned the basil. I massaged the trigger points on my neck and foot and made an appointment with the massage therapist. I did some neck stretches and meditated today. I paid attention to the messages my body was telling me. When my right arm began to feel weak, I took a break and applied a cold compress on my neck.

I also made cuajada for the first time today. Cooking helps take my mind off the pain. My mom had traveled to El Salvador recently and upon her return, shipped me the magic pills along with a generous supply of Choco-Panda (a dark hot chocolate beverage).


Here is a photo highlighting the cuajada making process.

Hopefully, I’ll be feeling 100% soon, but in the meantime, I remember to take good care of myself, remaining flexible and focusing on what I can do. Have a productive, healthy week friends.


About Magaly L.

Five Facts About Me: 1. I was born in El Salvador, grew up in NY, and after being in the United States for almost 33 years, I finally became a citizen in 2013. I was super excited when I voted for the first time! 2. My personal favorites: chocolate, desserts, dancing, the beach, leisure travel, reading, juicing, gardening, cooking, spending time with family, and writing. I really do love chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate, but any chocolate is better than none. I also love red velvet cupcakes from my favorite bakery in NYC, Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side. And I love spending time in nature. There's something so peaceful about listening to the birds or listening to the waves break, that centers me in the present moment and reminds me that Divine order is at work in my life. 3. I come from a large family and I love it! My parents, two brothers, one sister, LOTS of cousins, aunts, uncles, abuelos, and my "gotitas de amor"-my nieces and nephews. 4. I am an educator both by training and at heart. 5. I have been living with PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) since 2007. Though this condition has been life-altering and challenging to live with at times, it has also led me to a more fulfilling life, strengthening my faith and helping me have the courage to pursue my passions and chase a couple of dreams.
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