The what if’s and the garden

For any of us that have ever been diagnosed with a chronic condition or disability, there always exists in the back of our minds the what-ifs and will-I’s. What if I get a flare-up? Will I consistently be gainfully employed? Even if I choose self-employment, will I be able to sustain the workload? What if, despite all these efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle (practice yoga, eat healthy, sleep, manage stress positively, meditate), I get a prolonged flare-up?

I think about gardening and how we can never be one hundred percent that the seeds we plant will sprout up and develop into healthy crops. A virus or bacteria may infect our plant and we may have to start all over again if treatment does not work. Maybe insects are to blame for our plants’ demise. Or, maybe the location just does not provide the ideal conditions for the plant grow and it may need to be changed.  We can never be one hundred percent sure that our garden will yield a bountiful harvest. But we can envision the type of garden we want and plan for it. We can do our background research, choose an adequate location, and prepare the soil, making sure it has the proper nutrients and pH for the seeds we are going to introduce. We can monitor our plants, pulling up the weeds and watering them consistently, and enlisting the help of experts when needed. And hopefully, when it comes time to harvest, our garden will yield colorful and tasty edibles. If something doesn’t work out, then we use the knowledge gained from our last experience to plan accordingly. 

I suppose the same ideas can be applied to life. I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I can envision what I would like it to look like, plan for it, and tend to it daily.

Someone once said, “Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.” I guess I can rephrase my what-ifs to how can I, trusting that the Universe will guide me towards creative solutions. There are things that we can do proactively, but the rest involves faith and trust. 



About Magaly L.

Five Facts About Me: 1. I was born in El Salvador, grew up in NY, and after being in the United States for almost 33 years, I finally became a citizen in 2013. I was super excited when I voted for the first time! 2. My personal favorites: chocolate, desserts, dancing, the beach, leisure travel, reading, juicing, gardening, cooking, spending time with family, and writing. I really do love chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate, but any chocolate is better than none. I also love red velvet cupcakes from my favorite bakery in NYC, Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side. And I love spending time in nature. There's something so peaceful about listening to the birds or listening to the waves break, that centers me in the present moment and reminds me that Divine order is at work in my life. 3. I come from a large family and I love it! My parents, two brothers, one sister, LOTS of cousins, aunts, uncles, abuelos, and my "gotitas de amor"-my nieces and nephews. 4. I am an educator both by training and at heart. 5. I have been living with PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) since 2007. Though this condition has been life-altering and challenging to live with at times, it has also led me to a more fulfilling life, strengthening my faith and helping me have the courage to pursue my passions and chase a couple of dreams.
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