Things may not go as planned. Just show up anyways.

I was feeling good, real good today. As mentioned in a previous post, I had set my intentions and I was feeling energized. I emailed my resume to an organization whose mission was very much in line with the meaningful, vision-inspired work experience I am creating. I went for my swim, walked home, ate dinner, and then walked another fifteen minutes to the bus stop to wait for the bus that would take me to my Toastmasters meeting in Pearl City.

According to Google Maps, the bus was scheduled to arrive at 6:30pm and my arrival time would leave me with seven minutes to spare. I sat and waited. And waited some more. I looked down at my cell phone and saw that it was already 6:40pm. I checked online for the “real time bus arrival.” 7:34pm it read. What?! I would’ve missed my meeting if I left at that time. I was growing increasingly irate. I made an effort to show up to the meeting and the freaking bus was not cooperating with me! This was the second time this week this happened to me on this route. So I called the Help Desk to find the location of this bus and decide whether I should wait or just start walking home. She said they lost GPS on the bus and she could not tell me its arrival time, but lo and behold, while I was still on the phone with the representative, it arrived. The time was 6:50pm when I boarded the bus. I ended up getting off a stop too early and had to walk a few extra minutes. It was about another ten minute walk uphill, but I finally made it to the meeting around 7:30pm. I told myself, “I made the commitment to show up. Perhaps I am here for a reason.”

I walked in while a gentleman was giving a speech and in his speech, he said our paths may sometimes have obstacles, but that doesn’t mean we should stop moving forward. I smiled. Yes, I can certainly relate.

I was called up to do table topics on weather-best or worst experience and I chose to speak about the bitter cold and icy conditions I experienced in NY. My heart was racing, but apparently no one could tell because the evaluator said I looked confident. To my surprise, I won the table topics award this evening. I was grinning from ear to ear.


Here I am proudly displaying my award.

But what I got most from this night was the chance to meet some very funny, interesting, down to earth people. Several people I spoke to had moved to Hawaii from the mainland and have been living here for 20+ years.

I don’t know folks. I could get used to this kind of weather here in Hawaii. And who knows, maybe I’ll be saying in conversation one day, I moved to Hawaii 20+ years ago…


About Magaly L.

Five Facts About Me: 1. I was born in El Salvador, grew up in NY, and after being in the United States for almost 33 years, I finally became a citizen in 2013. I was super excited when I voted for the first time! 2. My personal favorites: chocolate, desserts, dancing, the beach, leisure travel, reading, juicing, gardening, cooking, spending time with family, and writing. I really do love chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate, but any chocolate is better than none. I also love red velvet cupcakes from my favorite bakery in NYC, Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side. And I love spending time in nature. There's something so peaceful about listening to the birds or listening to the waves break, that centers me in the present moment and reminds me that Divine order is at work in my life. 3. I come from a large family and I love it! My parents, two brothers, one sister, LOTS of cousins, aunts, uncles, abuelos, and my "gotitas de amor"-my nieces and nephews. 4. I am an educator both by training and at heart. 5. I have been living with PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) since 2007. Though this condition has been life-altering and challenging to live with at times, it has also led me to a more fulfilling life, strengthening my faith and helping me have the courage to pursue my passions and chase a couple of dreams.
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2 Responses to Things may not go as planned. Just show up anyways.

  1. Hola Maga es bueno verte y saber q estas bien aunque sea por las redes sociales no se cuando yo. Pueda volver a verte pero quiero q sepas q te quiero, mucho y te admiro por ser como eres q Dios te. Bendiga querida Sobrina

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